The Water Tower

The Water Tower
The Water Tower at Dusk

Monday, September 20, 2010

Water Tower Wood Welcome

Good Morning.
It is Monday 20th September and I have decided it is time to make my activities at the water tower wood available to all. In the next few weeks I shall be writing about the background to the purchase and management of an area of woodland in Midlothian that sits opposite the well known water tower. It has had a chequered history so far and maybe this blog will help me to find more people who share my love of woodland and maybe even this particular woodland if they lived in and around Ironmills Park in the past.
To get going, a picture from the past. The picture is from "Canmore Images" off the web. I have no idea what date this picture was taken. Anyone have any ideas?
e mail me at or post a reply to this blog site if you know how.

Some essential info.
My name is Susan Goldwyre and I am an avid gardener and lover of nature. I have an opportunity to plant out more trees in this woodland. Of course it doesn't look anything like this old image any more but some of the geological and built features are relevant to this woodland's appearance.

The Water Tower - where I have lived for over 20 years. The tower is now available for rental for anyone with the desire to live in a tall building with great privacy and loads of space.

The Tennis Club - gifted to the area by the Duke of Buccluech over 100 years ago, this lovely quaint tennis club surrounds a large part of the woodland at the top of the slope. Only the fence is visible though. A scarred area is clear on the slope at the far corner of the area and I believe this is due to water run off over the years from the surface of the courts. The scar is still evident today but plans have been made to plant out native trees into this area. More to come.

The Bridge - a foot bridge over the river esk. In approx. 6 years time this bridge will be 100 years old. Since it was built to carry a water pipe to the tower I am keen to mark its centenary. A lick of paint and maybe some tlc is planned in the near future.

In the last year a new house has been built on the edge of the woodland in the area that was the garden ground and drying green for the old cemetery lodge house at the foot of the tower (not visible in the photo). This is an interesting house and it is called "RP9" for reasons which can be explained. More to come.

I hope I find some people who are interested enough to read this blog. I'll keep the postings as short as possible and maybe build up a nice historical and also active record of this woodland.

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