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Friday, May 4, 2012

Councillor Boyes

Well what an exciting day yesterday at the local elections in Midlothian. I am not party political, when it comes to local elections, I vote for the person and not the party.

I should have been able to vote in the ward where councilor Peter Boyes was standing for re election, because the Eco House is in his ward. However my voting papers came through for the adjoining ward. At least it made my voting decisions easier because I certainly would not have been voting for Mr Boyes.

A blog site is not the place to document what I know about this man but suffice to say that despite representing Midlothian Council as the elected representative for Eskbank and Newbattle Community Council, when I asked Mr Boyes why he had never attended our community council he did not answer. When told it was held in Westfield hall he then said he had never heard of the place, despite being there a month before for a local Hustings event. Then when questioned again in Midlothian Coucil after a planning meeting he walked away from me and would not engage. What a coward.

So I sat down on the morning of the elections and thought hard about what my poster should say given my opportunity to put my message out to all who came to vote.

Here it is.

Vote for Adults. Not for Boyes.

At the Eskbank Roundabout

Outside the house before we walked down to the local school and left the poster outside the voting venue.

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