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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Update on Ironmills Steps. 13th Oct 2013

Sadly the steps to Ironmills remain closed, as advised by Midlothian Council. Having had a look myself last week, the gap on the hillside in line with the cemetery outbuildings has opened up considerably. The corner of the steps has slipped even more and the twisted metal hand rails have been forced out of the ground by the land movement. If the land eventually drops then I guess repair (expensive no doubt) is possible. Trouble is this land could stay like this for years, neither slipping fully nor stabilising.

I gather the council have commissioned an independent expert report. Would like to read that when it is ready for public consumption.

Here's the current council web site notice.

Ironmills steps closed until further notice

Published on 
Ironmills Steps will remain closed until further notice as a landslip next to the path has become substantially worse.
We need to investigate the cause of this further substantial land slippage and determine what repairs are required.

The steps, which closed in the spring, are the main pedestrian access route from Cemetery Road in Dalkeith to the park.

A spokesman said: "We'd like to apologise for the inconvenience. We had hoped that the landslip was minor and once the ground stabilised a repair could be carried out relatively easily. However this has not been the case and the area of landslip on the path and next to the path has increased substantially. 
"It could therefore be some time before this access route can be opened again."

The way into the park now is via Old Edinburgh Road then Ironmills Road to Ironmills Park.

Trouble with the land slip is the efforts to prevent public access result in rather ugly fencing and a plethora of notices on said fencing. Then the kids decided to pull the fencing down and it is now lying at an angle. The council then added extra barriers near the bridge and that has stopped all but the most fit and able gaining access. Most folks no longer even try to use the steps.

With no expectation that the council would make a better more attractive barrier until a repair might be made, I decided to do my own thing. A nice little wood pile/habitat for wildlife and a little green paint on the fencing. 

Roll on the permanent repair.

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