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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Update from Midlothian Council re Ironmills Steps

Council agrees Ironmills steps repairs

The council has agreed to spend around £58,000 in total to tackle the continued landslip problems affecting the steps at Ironmills Park in Dalkeith. 
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ironmills damage to steps
At a full council meeting today (Tuesday), councillors heard the findings of a report by a specialist engineer, Ironside Farrar on the state of the slope and possible options for the reinstatement of the steps and path.
 Councillor Derek Rosie, cabinet member with responsibility for parks, said: “The steps have been closed and off limits to pedestrians since March 2013.
 “We’d like to thank pedestrians for their patience as this is the main pedestrian access route from Cemetery Road in Dalkeith to the park.
 “Hopefully, we are now on our way to tackling the issue of this closed access route. As the landslip is currently still moving, it is not possible to put a definite timescale on when the steps will reopen, however we are hopeful that the work can be completed by early summer 2015.”
 The money will be spent on halting the landslip and fixing the steps.
 Councillors were told there were three options, the first was to do nothing, the second was to spend a total of around £58,000 on carrying out a series of smaller works (localised solutions) while the third option was to spend between £225,000 and £675,000 on a full engineered solution to the landslip.
 Councillors agreed the second option was the way forward as the third option was beyond the £50,000 initial repair estimate and would also look unsightly in an important historical area.

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