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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cystic Fibrosis Starlight Wish

Not a lot to do with a woodland but who cares...... Download this track, its just great.

Description: Hope you don't mind me gatecrashing your forum...
12:18am Oct 6
Hope you don't mind me gatecrashing your forum with this message for a good cause:
I am writing to ask if you will help grant Bianca's Starlight Wish to become a recording artist. Bianca suffers from cystic fibrosis a lifelong and life shortening illness. Despite this she is determined to hold on to her dream and become a pop star.

How can you help Starlight grant Bianca's Starlight Wish?

Starlight needs approximately 5,000 people to download Bianca's debut single 'Hold On To Your Dreams' for her to get into the charts. If we can get her into the charts, our hope is that a record label will take notice. You can listen to her single and download it here:

iTunes -
Amazon -

You can help grant Bianca's Starlight Wish by downloading her d├ębut single and asking your friends and colleagues to do the same. To have maximum impact we need everyone to do this now please.

Why might you consider helping?

Quite simply Bianca is an amazing singer and it is a brilliant song (she performed it this weekend at The Boodles Boxing Ball in front of 900 guests). We are hoping that 'people power' will help this lovely young lady achieve her dream by getting her into the charts.

About Bianca and cystic fibrosis

Bianca suffers from cystic fibrosis a lifelong and life shortening illness which requires rigorous physiotherapy, about 40 tablets every day as well as nebulisers and inhalers to try and keep her well. Like most CF sufferers during her lifetime she has spent a substantial amount of time in hospital.

One of the many affects of cystic fibrosis is that breathing is very difficult because of the effects of sticky mucus in her lungs. Despite this, Bianca is determined to become a pop star and we would like to make her Starlight Wish come true.

Sadly there is currently no cure for CF.

If you would consider helping to grant Bianca's Starlight Wish that would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


Neil Swan
Chief Executive Officer
Starlight Children's Foundation
Preview songs from Hold On To Your Dreams - Single by Bianca Nicholas on the iTunes Store. Preview,

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