The Water Tower

The Water Tower
The Water Tower at Dusk

Friday, October 1, 2010

Black and White Photograph

It's not always easy to post a comment onto this site. A friend and ex colleague, John Preece, e mailed me to say he was struggling with the process and I know I have had difficulty with similar blog sites.
John had some info about the black and white photo posted on the first entry to this blog. John is an excellent photographer and he kindly researched the possible date for the photo. Here are his comments and if anyone is looking for a photographer here is his web site with some of his work.

Hi Susan.
I've had a look at your Blog and I see what you meant when you said you'd 'just started'..
As for your request about the photo, I did a bit digging on the site you got them from (isn't retirement wonderful) and found a page where I could see all the photos together, somehow.
I reckon that the photos were, almost certainly, taken at the same time,and, probably, by the guy who wrote the 'paper' i.e. winter-time, early 70's. That would have been the easier and cheaper option, as well.
They just don't look like early 20th century photos to me, with the combination of image 'quality' and the shape. They also have a 'snapshot' air about them (tower's leaning in the one you posted), which the early photographers couldn't afford to do with their glass plates. Image copyright also belongs to 'John Hume'.

I'm bunging you an e-mail as I have no idea what my 'profile' should be on your comments, so feel free to quote or paraphrase this, and maybe you'll get someone who will cry 'Rubbish!' and provide proof-positive that they were taken by Joe Bloggs on the 20th November 1899!

Any, keep in touch, you never know when you'll need some decent photos for your Blog...

And if I have to be pedantic, I'd say January/February 1973/74 for your photos, given the condition of the trees and how low the sun appears to be.

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