The Water Tower

The Water Tower
The Water Tower at Dusk

Monday, October 4, 2010

Purchases Today

Its Monday 4th October and I had lunch at Dobbies with 2 girl friends from my ex place of work, Alison and Moira. Next door to Dobbies is R&B Nurseries
This is the place to go for plants if you need lots. You need to have an account with them. Today I ordered trees - 6 silver birch ( Betula pendula), 1 ash (Fraxinus excelsior) and 1 alder (Alnus glutinosa). Also some Amelanchier or June Berry shrubs; some of my favourite ferns, Osmnunda regalis or Royal fern and I bought a load of bulbs at Dobbies as well - mainly crocus and alliums. That will keep me planting for the next couple of weeks. I'll take the camera and record the site for the new trees before and after. Its a difficult site with the steep slope but once I get in there I forget the time of day and never need lunch.

I also learned today of a time when the tennis courts caved in to a hole in the ground big enough to take a car. This further raises my concerns about water management. If anyone reading this blog remembers this event please get in touch. My e mail is 

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