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Sunday, March 6, 2011


I thought I might check some statistics, or “Dam Lies and Statistics” if you have read the book. Here are the top 5 articles from this blog as measured by page views. No 1 on the list is "Current Planning Application Status" closely followed by the first page published, the water tower wood welcome. Now I reckon the introductory page is an outlier in the data set because this will be the page view that most people will get from an initial search to find the blog. Once found, people can go to their article of choice or use a search word to find a particular page. 

Article Title
Ladybirds Galore
Support Statement 1st March
Big Society or Community Spirit
Something Lighthearted But Lovely
May The Best House Win 
Dalhousie Crescent
First Letter of Support
Susan Goes On the Offensive   No 3 - 108 page views
Esk Valley Trust
Sex and £1,000
Current Planning Application Status    No 1  - 134 page views
 Snow Line in the Park
 More Photos
 Photos Galore
Water Tower Appreciation Society
New Planning Application   No 5 - 66 page views
Why Is The River Esk Red?
The Snow
Midlothian Cuts and More Hamlet!
Kevock Garden
Call Kaye Radio Programme
Something Is Rotten In The State Of Denmark
Vogrie and Bridge Building
Jacqueline McDonnell
Friends Of Ironmills Park
Set Square - Scotland on Sunday Article  No 4 - 72 page views
Autumn Colours
Proof That Land Was Advertised For Sale
10 years to plan, 10 months to build
Matin Khan Wins Award
Event to Celebrate 100 years of Ironmills Park
Purchases Today
Water Tower Wood Management Plan
Black and White Photograph
How Come We Bought A Woodland?
Water Tower Wood Welcome  No 2 - 128 page views

So what do the results tell me - that the planning stuff is the most popular along with an interest in the Scotland on Sunday article. The SOS article was the first that I linked to facebook. I guess that might show the power of facebook.

February was the month with the largest number of page views in any single month, reaching a peak of 790 page views from a total so far of 2,650 page views.

February was the month when our latest planning application was submitted and this does seem to be creating a great deal of interest. So much so that one very recent objector wrote about trees rather than the planning application items per se and called for a chat after removing this objection. We had a lovely follow-up chat today about planning issues, eco issues and sustainability as we walked around the woodland. Also today in the Telegraph our beloved Prince Charles is writing about Eco Bling; this being the eco stuff that is not so practical but gets people excited. In his opinion, and I concur, the best Eco thing to do for buildings is to go for the very best in insulation before even thinking about solar panels and ground source heat pumps. Interesting.

So this is a bit of a boring article today but I have something much more interesting next week. I have the photos from the Red Cross Ball and a breakdown of the monies raised from our restaurant and painting donation. Thanks to Arlene Stewart of Radio Forth fame who talked about her 30th birthday dinner at the restaurant, I think we got a really good result for the Red Cross. Oh and Arlene, if you are reading, we did the Fit or Fuddly app on the I Phone. G got 9/10 – it can’t be right.

From I Google today
62.15% of all statistics are meaningless.

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