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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Support Statement 1st March

A number of people have written support statements regarding our planning application. I like this one - it echoes my thoughts on the issue

mr alan symon (Supports)
Like David Paton I find the furore around this matter and objections raised from far and near well out of context for the supposed issues involved. Walking through Ironmills park a day or so ago I looked up to see the Goldwyres house. I could only just spot the decking and the path down the hillside but most of all could see the fence round the tennis court. How are distant neighbours so concerned about the decking yet unconcerned about that fencing which is way more visible. The fencing at the top of the steps affords the Goldwyres some privacy and security, I am quite sure animals will get around it. In these days of cutbacks and tightening of pursestrings, has anyone considered what all these objections are costing the residents of Midlothian. surely such process and objections need to be proportionate to the issues, risks and alleged harming of the environment which is involved. I need to consider asking the council what level of cost has been expended by Midlothian Council, across the years on the Goldwyres development and call upon the Council and its officers to limit further and protracted effort being spent on this case. Objections should be rejected and further discussion discouraged, democracy has gone on long enough. Our Council has more constructive and deserving matters on which to utilise its resources in these austere times.
Alan Symon makes a pertinent point about the fencing round the tennis court. I also find this fencing harsh on the eye in the winter months. I was always aware of it perhaps more than anyone else and had tried many ways to disguise the corrugated metal fence over the years (painted green, then dark red, then stuck broken twigs between the folds – nothing worked). Clad it with timber 3 years ago now and full planning permission was obtained for this. I have ivy planted and ivy will naturally take in this area in the years to come. The timbers will eventually fade and weather and in another couple of years it will look much less harsh. No one wants this more than me, I live beside it. It is very much better than rusting corrugated metal, painted or not, and to which ivy cannot so easily take good hold as it will on timber.

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