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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Armstrong and Bowie representations rejected by DPEA

Correspondance with DPEA posted on the site today states that 2 recent letters of representation have not been accepted. Below is an extract of the letter advising this to one of the representors and the posting detail on the DPEA site. Now you might think it is harsh to have rejected these letters but (a) they were outwith the time limit and (b) both writers had made formal representations already. The latter is probably not a reason for rejection but one does wonder how much more people could possibly write regarding our planning application.

I am seriously considering writing as book since it is easy nowadays to do so. Only people wishing to read the subject matter choose to download the book, keeping costs down by negating the need to have a publishing run. I think that after blogging there will be personal e-books with extracts on line to tempt purchasers. What opportunities we have with technology these days. I'm hoping that the monthly walk articles in Midlothian might use this technology as well as our planning story. Just need to come up with some tempting titles.

From the Scottish Office for Planning Appeals to Mr Armstrong and Mr Bowie
I refer to your letter dated 3 August 2011 regarding the above appeal. The reporter has closed the exchange of written submissions for this case and has decided not to accept and consider your comments. For this reason, I am returning your letter to you.

15/08/20111General LetterPPA-290-2014 - General Letter - to Mr William Bowie - advising that comments have been received out of time and are being returned - 15 August 2011




PPA-290-2014 - General Letter - to Mr Michael Armstrong - advising that comments have been received out of time and are being returned - 15 August 2011

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