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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Says It All

Gosh even the DPEA have considered comments being made about our planning appeal may be defamatory. This is the descriptor used by the DPEA with regard to a most poisonous letter from a Mr Tony Galloway - the man who thinks we have a garage in our garden. Mr Galloway quotes another person in his letter who has apparently commented on our character. Thats very interesting.

Today Midlothian Council has felt compelled to write to say these comments have gone  beyond planning matters.

I have always been aware of the poison but really this letter from Mr Galloway says it all. Please Mr Galloway come up to the house on Monday 8th for the reporters visit. You can point out directly to him what your complaint is. We can all look at the hedge that used to be there which has been pulled out by someone.

Oh and we did very politley invite you once before to see the woodland and the grounds, but you declined - remember.

Anyone interested - have a look at the site if you want to read the letter.

PPA-290-2014 - General Letter - to Mr Tony Galloway - seeking clarification on possibly defamatory representation - 28 July 2011

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