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The Water Tower
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Search terms used to find this site

Its interesting to see the words used in a search engine to find this blog site. Especially the one that was used today! first one on the list below.

We are just about to start renovating the water tower after some serious water damage in the winter. Lots to do; and now that the woodland works have been assessed by the DPEA we can get on with our life.I am so looking forward to upgrading the tower to current standards. I wonder who wanted to check up on conversion of towers in a green belt? just as well it has already been converted.......

I wonder who was interested in our land purchase? Just remember you can't believe everything you read on the internet - it's not validated. Even Wikipedia isn't validated although the info it contains is really useful.

conversion of water towers in green belt

gerry goldwyre land purchase from Council
eskbank amenity society hustings

susan Goldwyre blog
institute of company secretary.suggested answers i.e.winter 2010 & summer 2010
history of towerwood waterway association

permission for tree removal
kirsty e towler m phil glasgow university

kingsley drinkwater
water tower statistics

Gerry Goldwyre - RP9, Eskbank
Scottish Designer House of the Year for RP9, Eskbank last night at the Edinburgh International Conference

Oh and one from a while ago;

Susan Goldwyre Red Cross charity

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